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View STL files from local (intra-net) URLs
The idea: load and view STL files from your local network - files that are not accessible to the internet

What the fuss is all about?

For security reasons, most browsers won't let you read files from another domains - it will only let you read files from the current domain (for example, if you're at Viewstl.com, Chrome won't let you read files from Thingiverse.com, see Same-origin policy at Wikipedia).
Viewstl.com solves this problem by reading such files via server-side script, using Viewstl.com server as a proxy. For that reason - the STL files need to be accessible to Viewstl.com

The Problem

What happens when the STL file's URL is NOT accessible to the internet (hence not accessible to Viewstl.com)?
- Well this is a problem. The STL file won't load in such case.

The Solution

You can force Viewstl.com to directly reading the STL file (without using the Viewstl.com server as a proxy) by simply adding "&local" to the URL. For example, if your file's local URL is "localhost/1.stl", you should call Viewstl.com like this:


You can also load a local URL file at runtime - read here.

But then again - it violates the so called "Same-origin policy".
- Fortunately there are at least 2 ways to deal with this problem:

Option 1: Configure your local web server (the one that hosts the STL file and is only accessible to your local network) to allow calls from Viewstl.com domain, even if it violates the "same-origin policy". click here for instructions.

Option 2: For Chrome, you can solve the problem simply by installing this extension: Chrome CORS extension
For FireFox, you can solve the problem simply by installing this extension: - FireFox CORS extension

In conclusion

1. Make sure you have a local web server that can access your file.

2. Configure your webserver to allow cross-origin calls
Install a proper extension on your browser.

3. add "&local" to the STL URL when calling to Viewstl.com