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View STL files from local (intra-net) URLs
The idea: load and view STL files from your local network - files that are not accessible to the internet

What the fuss is all about?

For security reasons, most browsers won't let you read files from another domains - it will only let you read files from the current domain (for example, if you're at Viewstl.com, Chrome won't let you read files from Thingiverse.com), read Same-origin policy.
Viewstl.com solves this problem by reading such files via server-side script. For that reason - the STL files need to be accessible to Viewstl.com

The Problem

What happens when the STL file's URL is NOT accessible to the internet (hence not accessible to Viewstl.com)?
- Well this is a problem. The STL file won't load in such case.

The Solution

You can force Viewstl.com to directly reading the STL file (without using Viewstl.com as a proxy) by simply adding "&local" to the URL. For example, if your file local URL is "localhost/1.stl", so you should call Viewstl.com like that:


You can also load a local URL file at runtime - read here.

But then again - it violates the so called "Same-origin policy".
- Fortunately there are at least 2 ways to deal with this problem:

Option 1: Configure your local web server (yes - you must have a local webserver) to allow calls from Viewstl.com domain, even if it violates the "same-origin policy". click here for instructions.

Option 2: For Chrome, you can solve the problem simply by installing this extension: Chrome CORS extension
For FireFox, you can solve the problem simply by installing this extension: - FireFox CORS extension

In conclusion

1. Make sure you have a local web server that can access your file.

2. Configure your webserver to alow cross-origin calls
Install a proper extension on your browser.

3. add "&local" to the STL URL when calling to Viewstl.com